Sanguine Permutations

Wave after Wave

Session 3: Wave after Wave

After the group hears the bell ringing from the watchtower, they observe orc warbands encircling the town. A frenzy of activity ensues, with the villagers intent on getting their weaponry and getting their families to safety. The orc army seems to greatly outnumber the villagers, and the party is not sure exactly how to rebuff the attack.

Eventually, an orc lieutenant named Horkgab appears to parley with them. He asks for the sacrifice of ten villagers, the destruction of the great tree, and the end of liberty (Foronis would become subservient to Turrosh Mak's Empire). Ruckus almost instantly blurts out a refusal laced with profanity. This begins a bickering, in which Horkgab claims he will have Ruckus's head on a pike.

The adventurers realize the tree might be an objective for the enemy army, so they decide to crowd the non-combatants in the inn near the tree, and then defend the center of town at all costs. They place their troop division in the area near the center of town. Meanwhile, as it begins to grow dark, another force appears on the horizon. This seems to be an enemy of the orcs, because some of their forces turn to face the new threat.

As dusk turns into dark, the orcs begin their attack. Several bands moving to confront the other army, which is actually a part of the Greyhawk garrison at Safeton, led by Commander Pullen. Of the remainder of the orc army, half begins to move towards the village, while the other half begins circling towards the area of the Greyhawk army.

As the orcs move into the village, the begin ransacking the refugee's home on the northwest side of the village. The player characters agree that it is time to confront the marauding orcs. Amarië rallies the villagers to prevent the further destruction of their city. Meanwhile, Ruckus scouts the orcs from the southern edge of the village. Valith climbs about 20 feet up the great tree, and views the battlefield from above. Derek is tending to the elderly, the children, and the women in the inn.

As the battle progresses, the orcs begin to assault the village from the northeast and the southeast. Salnar summons 4 dire bears who begin to rip through the orcs northeast of town, and Valith sends a unit of the villagers to protect the eastern flank of the village. Ruckus and Amarië are engaging the foe, Ruckus with a bow, and Amarië with her warhammer. The orcs and the garrison troops from Safeton are continuing to slug it out, about 700 feet away from the village.

Where Amarië is fighting, the orcs are bled but so are the villagers. Eventually three orcs have Amarië. The bring her down and go to join the orcs ransacking the village to the south. Derek the Cleric goes out to her and brings her back to health with the power of Kord. Ruckus rejoins the the center of town and takes shots at orcs from there, and the elven wizard Valith has also begun taking shots from his perch in the tree.

The orcs overcome the dire bears eventually, and the begin to roll through the villagers guarding the eastern flank. In the distance, the remaining Safeton warriors have broken the orcs and begin to march towards the city, but they are several hundred feet away. At the final stage of the battle, about 45 orcs form up to try to crush the remaining 15 humans defenders. With the humans is the party members: Amarië, Derek, Ruckus, and Valith. They also have Gavaris the village elder. The druids Salnar and Zedek are near the tree as well.

As the orcs begin their final assault, their troops are broken up by an onslaught of magic. Zedek entangles about a fourth of them in vines and branches that magically spring up. Valith focuses through the tree to unleash a color spray that knocks out a small group. Salnar himself transforms into a dire bear. The orcs begin to cut their way through the villagers and Salnar takes many wounds as the orcs surround him. Zedek begins chanting at the base of the tree and eventually calls upon the spirit of life to unleash the Wave of Light and Life.

The divine light blinds and terrifies the evil orcs, but it heals many of the fallen villagers and party members. At the same time, the garrison makes its way into the village, driving off the remaining orcs. The village is safe for now.

Ruckus sees Horkgab in the commotion that ensues and follows after him. After a brief melee, Horkgab drives him back and manages to escape.



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