Sanguine Permutations

Session 12: The Doom of Orcs

Session 12: The Doom of Orcs

The party celebrates the successful mission at Sarlax Ungroth with Gavaris and Galdurac and several villagers in Foronis. They reveal their ownership of the cloak and dagger. Gavaris allows them to retain the dagger and cloak. There is still a nervous mood around the village due to the imminent threat of orcs. Ruckus leaves some coin with Gavaris, and there is some discussion about building up the defenses. In the end, the party takes their leave, intent on returning to Dyvers and then perhaps heading to Greyhawk. Before leaving, Valith and Ruckus take turns seeking children that might be interested in their ways. Valith finds a young one with a potential talent for wizardry named Felipe. Felipe, an orphan, is adopted by Valith, joins, and tags along.

The party travels through Safeton and makes their way to Dyvers without incident. Upon returning to Dyvers, Ruckus claims a bow that he has been looking for and acquires a few more arrows from Hewin. Valith has been learning how to enchant magic armor and weapons, and he enchants Ruckus's bow as well as Amarië's armor. After a few days of running errands, the party regroups as the Inn of the Minstrel's Beard.

Mowg, the innkeep is at first courteous to the party, and then he realizes that Valith is the one who got involved with Malidarn. He asks the party to leave as soon as possible, because he doesn't want his inn destroyed and his customer slain. Unfazed, they move on. The next stop seems to be with Derranger, the necromancer professor from the Dyvers School for the Gifted. Valith has a very specific request: if he dies, will Derranger turn him into a vampire. Derranger states that unfortunately he does not know how to do that.

Then Derranger and Valith launch into a discussion about necromancy, magic, and personal goals. Valith obviously has expressed interest in becoming a vampire. Derranger seems interested in going back into the underdark and destroying his Drow home, Raznardania, far below the surface of Oerth. Valith and Ruckus are intent on beating down the orc hordes and defeating them. They discuss the prospect of developing a necromancy spell that would specifically target orcs for animation and use in fighting against orcs. Derranger expresses confidence that he could accomplish this, but he would need to torture a living orc in order to perfect the incantations. For this he asks the party to provide him with a specimen.

The party agrees that is something they can do. Recalling the presence of orc troupes that have been purveying themselves through Dyvers, calling for equality for orcs, the party thinks they can get an orc relatively quickly. They are aware of a group that they could go after. Derranger suggests they could bribe a guard to look the other way, or simply use a charm spell. He provides some coins (300 gp) and seems quite confident that they will find a guard willing to let them molest the sometimes unwelcome orcs.

Valith and Ruckus resolve to take care of this. Ruckus scouts out the orc movements and locates a hovel at the end of an alley where the orcs seem to group up. After witnessing a woman through rotten vegetables at the orcs, Ruckus also notices a guard who seems amenable to persuasion. Valith and Ruckus approach the guard who is shortly thereafter charmed by Valith. The guard agrees to provide cover for them. He just asks that they make it look like the orcs are up to some mischief.

After reconnaissance, the party schemes to go in, capture a few orcs and kill the rest. They get in there and about half the orcs are sleeping. It is a wide open room. Ruckus attempts to entangle the enemies, and Valith goes about casting sleep. Eventually, they get the best of the gang. There are several orc corpses and several that are sleeping. Ruckus goes to get the cart and loot the place. They set a few notes in the place that suggest the orcs are planning some kind of rebellion. They actually do find a few notes talking about a "movement" that is "taking over" the city. The language they use in their false notes would be more convincing, so they leave the fake evidence. The guard seems satisfied with their work and they haul off the bodies of the orcs.

They present Derranger with a living orc, so that he can perform his experimentations. The rest of the party find some quiet time while Valith tries to perform some ritual sacrifices. Boccob doesn't seem especially intereted in such sacrifices, according to Rissa, but Valith keeps looking. He goes ahead and makes a sacrifice, trying to use the book he purchased some time ago as a guide. It doesn't seem to have any effect. Remember clerics usually use such things, he finds a few trinkets, one depicting Vecna's hand and the other showing a symbol of Bel. Derrengar also thinks that an unhallowed area would be more suitable. Valith again addresses Mowg, the innkeep at Minstrel's Beard, about the rumors of cultists. Valith just hears that Mowg thinks some such groups meet in the sewers.

Not sure exactly where to go, Valith does another sacrifice of an orc, this time with the trinkets. As the sacrifice ends, a dull haze or mist seems to form in Valith's eyes, then a reddish cloud that varies from purple to orange forms a cloudlike pathway that seems to be leading towards something.



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